Greg and Dre

I'm just a squirrel tryin' to get a nut

Jul 06, 2012 -- 2:48pm


If you're anything like me, the FIRST thing you think about when you hear these lyrics.............

"Turn around baby let me
See it from the back
Yeah, I like it like that

Bumpin' that rump
Raise it up let me
See that round
Slap it girl
Make it jiggle round
Round and round

Pay them girls what
They worth, slip that
Money under that skirt

Lick you up then
Like you down
But I ain't finished girl
Turn around

My juice is sweet like
Georgia Peaches
Women suck it up
Like leeches (uh-huh)
It feels so good you
Must admit you like
This shh" a bunch of kids dancing around eating healthy snacks. Right?

"That is a brilliant ad campaign!", said absolutely nobody.

I'm willing to bet money that we'll see a "Me So Horny / Me So Hungry" commercial on Nick Jr. by the end of the year.


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