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Michael Jackson songs on the Radio

Jun 25, 2012 -- 12:31pm

I was on the air 3 years ago when it was announced that Michael Jackson died. After every song, I'd crack the mic and make updates that I'd read online. 

Most of the calls during the first couple hours were like, "Is it true?, or "I heard Michael Jackson died, is that for real?"

But then, just as I expected, the FLOOD of  "Can you play _______ by Michael Jackson?" or "I need to hear _____by Michael Jackson" calls started rolling in.

Look, I've been in radio since 1997, and without exaggeration, I had NEVER EVER EVEEERRRRR received a request to play ANY Michael Jackson song before that afternoon. EVER. 

And that day, I refused to do it. 

Not because I wasn't an MJ fan or anything. It was more the principle of the matter. To put it bluntly, it kinda p*ssed me off that people were only calling to hear his songs cuz they heard he died.

Where were these people back in 2001 when Invincible came out? Nobody requested MJ songs back then, did they? But now suddenly, EVERYBODY's a fan and NEEDS to hear Michael Jackson on the radio? 

So, on the 3 year anniversary of his death, I won't be playing any Michael Jackson songs. 

Real fans don't need to hear MJ on the radio. They've already got his albums on repeat. 



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